Casey Anthony Trial – Day 11

    Highly technical testimony based on first-of-its-kind air samples kicked off Week 3 of Casey Anthony's murder trial in Orlando.

    But FOX's Phil Keating says defense attorneys are working to discredit the day's main witness, arguing he has a financial interest in the technology...

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    Doctor Arpad Vass is the Forensic Pathologist at Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory who developed the air sample test, and is on the stand Monday.

    Prosecutors questioned him about the "odor of death" and high levels of chloroform found in Casey Anthony's car...

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    Prosecutors contend the chloroform was used to render Anthony's daughter, Caylee, unconscious, at which time Casey used duct tape to suffocate the two-year-old.  The defense claims that Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool, and her death was a cover-up to protect Casey's abusive father.

    Casey Anthony faces the death penalty if she's convicted of first-degree murder in the case.