Miss anything in the Casey Anthony Trial?  FOX News Radio takes a look back at week two of the young Florida mother's murder trial.

Tuesday, May 31 - Day 6

The trial resumed after the Memorial Day Weekend with Casey's mother, Cindy Anthony, on the stand...

The odor in Casey Anthony's car, which Cindy mentioned in a 9-1-1 call that was played for the jury, was one of the key points of testimony on the day.


Wednesday, June 1 - Day 7

Family continued on the stand in the seventh day of testimony, this time with Casey's brother, Lee Anthony...

Lee Anthony's testimony centered mostly on the rocky relationship between Casey and her family, as well as Casey's care of her daughter, Caylee.


Thursday, June 2 - Day 8

As the week moved on, testimony turned to the investigation into Caylee's disappearance.  As Casey's web of lies began to untangle, authorities questioned Anthony in a vacant room of an area amusement park after discovering that she had lied about her employment at the park...

The hour-long interrogation was played for jurors, and includes Casey's admission that he hadn't been forthcoming about her daughter's disappearance.


Friday, June 3 - Day 9

The day got underway with jurors watching tapes made during prison visit's by George and Cindy Anthony to their jailed daughter.  In one of the tapes, Cindy implores her Casey to share any information she has about Caylee's whereabouts...

Prosecutors also brought Sheriff's Office officials to the stand to recount the collection of evidence in the case.

Saturday, June 4 - Day 10

Prosecutors say Saturday's half-day of testimony should mark the halfway point in their case.