Does Congress fear that a vote to end U.S. involvement in the fighting in Libya would pass, forcing America not just to take a back seat, but to leave completely?  The postponement of one vote and the introduction of another resolution are raising questions on Capitol Hill.

FOX News Radio's Jared Halpern reports on the showdown between the White House and Congress from Washington...

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While the U.S. role in Libya is debated stateside, the fighting continues.  A car bomb exploded outside the hotel housing foreign journalists in the rebel capital of Benghazi on Wednesday, a rare attack in what has been a largely calm city.  Rebel forces also successfully took control of the western cities of Shakshuk and Qasr el-Haj, both in territory held by pro-Qaddafi fighters.

Hear sounds from the battle for Shakshuk and Qasr el-Haj HERE...

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