The first few days of the Casey Anthony trial are in the books.  Did you miss anything?  FOX News Radio takes a look back.

Tuesday, May 24 - Day 1

The trial opened with Judge Belvin Perry explaining the charges the Florida mother faces...


From there, it was on to opening statements.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick was up first, contending that Casey's 2-year-old daughter Caylee died with duct tape over her nose and mouth...

...and telling the jury how Caylee's body was found...

Defense Attorney Jose Baez then stepped up, delivering a bombshell...Casey Anthony had been abused by her father, George.

Baez said that Caylee accidentally drowned in a swimming pool, and that the family covered up the toddler's death to keep George Anthony out of trouble...

George Anthony then took the stand as the trial's first witness, denying that he abused his daughter.

You can get a complete Day 1 recap HERE.

Wednesday, May 25 - Day 2

Day two focused on Casey Anthony's mindset and actions in the days following her daughter's supposed disappearance.

Prosecutor Frank George questioned Cameron Campana, the former roommate of Anthony's then-boyfriend.

The two talked about when Anthony moved in...

Also on the stand, Jamie Realander, who knew Casey Anthony from the FUSION nightclub.

Defense Attorney Jose Baez tried to discredit Realander as a witness...

A full Day 2 recap can be heard HERE.

Thursday, May 26 - Day 3

George Anthony was recalled to the witness stand on Day 3.

But the questioning got a little tense as Anthony had trouble with specifics prosecutors were asking about that happened in June, 2008...


Also taking the stand, some friends of Casey Anthony's, who also testified to her mindset, attitude and "lying abilities."

The Day 3 recap is available HERE.

Friday, May 27 - Day 4

At the start of the day Friday- Defense Attorney Jose Baez renewed his call for a mistrial, claiming the Prosecution was attempting to engage in character assassination of Casey Anthony based on her past conduct... and thus prejudiced the case.

Listen to what he had to say, HERE:


...Judge Belvin Perry denied the request:

On the witness stand, Mallory Parker... Fiancee of Casey Anthony's brother Lee... who got emotional when testifying about Casey Anthony's relationship with Caylee.

Listen to part of her testimony, HERE:

Casey's father, George Anthony was back on the stand Friday for the 3rd time in 4 days, testifying about the smell coming from his daughter's car.

FOX News Radio's Eben Brown has that part of the story from Orlando:

If convicted, 25 year old Anthony could face the death penalty.