People still have hope in Joplin, MO, going online and on the radio looking for missing loved ones.

FOX's Casey Stegall is in Joplin where a database has been established to help find the lost:

FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper spent days seeing the devastation in Joplin and has more on the daunting task of trying to identify those who perished in the storm:

There is no end to the misery in tornado-ravaged Joplin, MO.

An official list of the missing is out, more than 150 people long.  But there's hope.  The very first woman on the list was found sitting on her porch, cuddling her cat, very much alive.  The 75-year-old lost her cell phone and had been unable to contact her family to let them know she's okay.

FOX's Mike Tobin is in Joplin, and says there have been similar stories...

A number of people are still missing and unaccounted for. Andrea Spillars, Deputy Director for the Department of Public Safety says they are still searching for more than two hundred thirty people.

Listen to some of what Spillars had to say, HERE:

 In this video below- shot Wednesday morning, FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper shows the new reality residents of Joplin are now faced with.


In the video below - shot on Tuesday, FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper gives us a first hand look at the damage left in the wake of the tornado:


The National Weather Service has upgraded the tornado to an EF-5 with winds over 200mph, the most powerful on the scale used to measure a tornado's intensity.

Jason Rima of Fox News Radio affiliate KTTS Springfield, MO takes us through the destruction:


In the city of Joplin, MO -- the worst hit by a series of storms that swept through the midwest -- the death toll continues to rise.

Residents -- like this one -- are trying to deal with the destruction:

 Fox News' Mike Tobin is on the ground in Joplin, MO - and had this to say:

City officials say the tornado cut a path nearly six miles long and more than a half-mile wide through town. Power and other utilities have been knocked out as first responders go door-to-door searching for trapped residents.

Listen here to what this City official had to say:

 Missouri Governor Jay Nixon says he spoke to President Obama over the phone:

A man stuck in the rubble - after the tornado hit - was saved after texting his best friend where he was:

Listen here to audio of the best friend of the rescued man:

That text helped lead search and rescue crews to the center of Joplin, where the found the man. Emergency management officials say they will continue searching the rubble throughout the week in an attempt to find more survivors...

Photos below from FOX News Radio's Jennifer Keiper, who's on the ground in Joplin, MO: