Getting Ahead of the Ash

    President Obama finds himself fleeing a familiar and powerful foe...a volcano.

    FOX News Radio White House Correspondent Mike Majchrowitz reports from Dublin...

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    European airports are watching the volcano to see if the ash cloud from Saturday's eruption makes its way over.

    August Gudmundsson, Earth Sciences professor at Holloway University in London, tells FOX sister network Sky News that major travel disruptions are unlikely, but still possible...

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    An eruption on the island nation last year wreaked havoc on air travel throughout Europe.

    University of Iceland Geophysicist and Professor Pall Einarsson tells Sky News that this eruption is at least five times more powerful than last year's...

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    That "small eruption" halted air traffic throughout the region for nearly a week, stranding thousands.  Cancellations are already starting with this newest eruption.  KLM is ground more than a dozen flights scheduled in the northwest part of the continent.  Scottish carrier Loganair is axing more than 35 flights for Tuesday.

    Sky's Kristjan Mar Unnarsson is near the scene of the eruption.

    He says the area is a popular tourist spot...

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