Southern Flooding: Opening the Floodgates to Save the Cities [VIDEO]

Louisiana residents working to stave off flooding in their areas...

...more from Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes in Baton Rouge:

Audio clip:

Don't think that the water is coming out of the Morganza Spillway (seen above from a mile high) in just a trickle, though.

LISTEN HERE to water rushing through the Spillway's gates...

Audio clip:

The home of Vicksburg, Mississippi resident Chris Lynn was flooded in the wake of the opening of the Morganza spillway in Louisiana Saturday. His company got him a camper to live in temporarily. Lynn's home is generally the neighborhood hangout, but not now...

Listen here to what Lynn had to say:

Audio clip:

In this video - shot by Fox News Radio's Todd Starnes -  you can see folks prepping for floodwaters in Butte la Rose, LA:

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