It's official.

Introducing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate.

The historic event is expected to have been watched by millions around the world.

Listen here as the nineteen hundred attendees singing during the ceremony at Westminster Abbey:

As they left Westminster Abbey, cheers and bells rang out throughout the United Kingdom:

Over one million turned out in London to try and catch a glimpse of the Royal Wedding...

Listen here, as Fox News Radio's Alastair Wanklyn reports from the crowd only moments after the couple left Westminster Abbey:

The crowd of thousands outside Buckingham Palace went crazy when the couple kissed a little longer the second time around:

The couple stood on a balcony at Buckingham Palace overlooking the massive crowd as the Royal Airforce flew overhead:

Before the nuptuals, Prince William and his brother/best man, Prince Harry, surprised fans camping out in front of William's Clarence House apartment, shaking hands and interacting with the crowd...

Here in the U.S., New York City's Times Square caught Royal wedding fever.  Even the Taxi Cabs were carrying special messages to William and Catherine...

FOX News Radio's Joy Piazza reports from the Big Apple: