Life's too short to deal with so much day to day garbage. We dwell on the little things and let them choke us to death.

There's much bigger things to deal with than that--like the end of the world!!

It's coming, you know!! It's around every corner...just you wait.

If the Mayan Calendar Prophecy isn't correct (and I promise you it won't be), will people stop believing in such mindless stupidity? Come to think of it, I guess if the world DOES end, no one will be around to stick it in my face that I was wrong!! We will all just vaporize.

Religious extremists have shouted on street corners for generations that the end was near. Not all that near after all, I guess.

Look at guru preacher Harold Camping. He's been on his high horse for decades and first predicted the end would come in 1994.

Ummm. We are still here, Harold.

And NOW he says it's THIS year!! And he has an EXACT DATE, too!!

The world will end on May, 21, 2011.

Shoot. Have a trip to the Grand Canyon in August? A wedding set for June?


Time's up. Game over. No crossing GO.

The thing that will do more damage to perceptions of the Bible and people who insist on thumping their Bibles is that Camping says his calculations come from the Book of Genesis itself.

So when he is WRONG, and we WILL be, won't that just undermine Christianity even more? The Bible? People who profess it holds the answer to everything??

At the very least I hope it undermines these tricksters who hoodwink countless millions.

Don't cancel that wedding or the trip to the Grand Canyon.

The world as we know it will still be here.

But hopefully charlatan televangelists will have to find another line of work.