Status Updates 3/15: Video That’s Going Viral

Here is what’s going viral now on facebook.

“Winning – Sung by Charlie Sheen”

It’s an auto-tuned mash-up of several Charlie Sheen interviews… edited to highlight how the former “Two and a Half Men” star is winning.

Then, there’s this:

“Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears Parody”

It’s a music video spoof of the re-habed pop tart’s latest single, “Hold It Against Me.” Sung by a trio of brunettes, the clever lyrics take aim at some of Britney’s most outrageous antics.

And, facebook users are loving Jennifer Aniston’s video … that makes fun of viral videos.

“Jennifer Aniston goes viral” is actually a tongue and cheek ad for Smart Water … that mockingly includes web video gimmicks like cute animals and double rainbows.

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I’m Lauren Faulkner – and those are your facebook status updates on FOX News Radio.