The deadly quake that struck Japan has prompted the Government to take measures to secure its nuclear power plants. Fox News Radio's Bill Marcus reports:

The quake - brought a thirteen foot wave - which hit near Sendai City, carrying debris miles inland. The west coast of the U.S. is also preparing, with Tsunami warnings in place from California to Alaska. In Santa Barbara County, California, emergency operations Chief Michael Harris says they're keeping a close eye out:

The farther south you go along the west coast of the U.S. the greater the warnings from a possible tsunami. On the central Oregon coast, they're telling residents along the water and low-lying areas to get out - right now.

Meanwhile the Hawaiin Islands are bracing for an incoming tsunami wave which was triggered by the quake. Fox's Courtney Friel is in Hawaii and details what officials are expecting to come ashore:

Police on the Hawaiin resort town of Waikiki are evacuating people from the beaches. Listen here to the warning signal announcing the tsunami evacuation plans: