When my wife expressed interest in a pet canary, I wasn't sure what to think or expect.

Our house had recently downsized from Noah's Ark level pet ownership (we had 12 pets at the height of it) to still above average (we found homes for several pets that weren't getting the attention they deserved from the kids) and it seemed like a canary might be pretty cool.

My wife had one growing up and I had always been curious.

So off we went to the pet shop and eventually found a GORGEOUS (sorry...HANDSOME????) male canary she named Pete. He is the brightest orange I've ever seen and the first time he burst into song, I was mesmerized.

Yes, it is loud. And yes it is virtually constant for much of the day.

But it is a glorious sound. Truly. I never dreamed I would find a little Zen in the songs of a canary, but I have.

It never ceases to amaze me that such beautiful sounds can come from such a tiny creature!! He really projects!!

If you have been considering a new pet to keep you company or to entertain, I would wholeheartedly recommend a canary. The males are the singers, apparently, so keep that in mind when selecting the sex of your bird.

Some stores aren't quite sure of the sex when they get the birds in, but the males tend to be the brighter colored ones and some stores have a return policy of a few weeks. If he's going to sing, he's going to sing within that time frame.

My only regret about Pete is that we didn't bring him into our home sooner.

Sing, Pete, sing. I'm grateful for your pretty tunes as I blog in the morning.

As my boss told me today, this gives whole new meaning to TWEET.  = )