Twenty five years ago, tragedy struck the entire Nation when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, killing the crew of seven Astronauts on board.

Above - two unidentified spectators at the Kennedy Space Center react after they witnessed the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Audio of the take-off and eventual explosion of Space Shuttle Challenger:

In the above picture, the crew for the Space Shuttle Challenger flight 51-L, leaves their quarters for the launch pad at Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. From foreground are commander Francis Scobee, Mission Spl. Judith Resnik, Mission Spl. Ronald McNair, Payload Spl. Gregory Jarvis, Mission Spl. Ellison Onizuka, Teacher Christa McAuliffe and pilot Michael Smith.

Fox News Radio's Eben Brown has more on the  tragedy:

Among those lost in the disaster - School Teacher Christa McAuliffe of Concord, New Hampshire - pictured above - as she stands next to Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger at Pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

U.S. President Ronald Reagan addressed the Nation from the Oval Office - about the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion. Hear his address here:

NASA Honored the fallen Astronauts Friday Morning.  Fox News Radio's Eben Brown was at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for the ceremony.

June Scobee Rodgers, Widow of Challenger Commander Dick Scobee at Challenger Memorial Ceremony. Photo by FNR's Eben Brown

Space Mirror at KSC Visitors Complex. Photo by FNR's Eben Brown

June Scobee Rodgers and NASA Huma Spaceflight Chief Bill Gerstenmaier lay wreath below Challenger crew names. Photo by FNR's Eben Brown.

Close up of wreath. Photo by FNR's Eben Brown.

Close up of crew names. Photo by FNR's Eben Brown.