Anyone who has listened to my show for even a short time knows what a fan and proponent I am of the Law of Attraction.

In a nutshell, it holds that like things attract other like things. This all begins at the level of THOUGHT.

This is where the whole saying "They woke up on the wrong side of the bed" really comes from, I think. There IS NO "wrong" side of the bed.

Only the "wrong" attitude to start your day with. You either wake up happy or unhappy or indifferent and things can go either way. But the first few thoughts on your mind are EVERYTHING and set the course for all events to come in the following hours and days and even weeks depending on the strength and intensity of the thoughts.

One of the authors who has had great influence on me is the late Ernest Holmes. He was born in the late 1880s, but his words are still selling well thank goodness. His message is an important one.

His books include The Science of Mind and Creative Mind and Success (which I am re-reading at the moment).

The entire premise is that our outer world is created by our INNER world. The world of mind and thought.

Think about it. Everything around you was a thought first. Every headline, every monument, every car, every article of clothing, every radio show, every food indulgence. All of it started first in the mind as a thought.

Like many authors on the subject, Holmes believed that we are all a part of source energy, God force, the greater Universe--whatever you prefer to call it. We all have that greatness in us. It's where we came from and it has never left us. It is a part of our CORE.

What an amazing power!! And it's one we ALL have!!

So why don't we use it more often?

My theory is this: We don't believe we have it because we are conditioned to believe and accept that THINGS AND CIRCUMSTANCES HAPPEN TO US.

What a horrible way to live!! To believe that we are just sitting around, waiting to helplessly REACT to things that happen to us!!

No, thanks.

We create our world from within. Don't ever forget that.

Change your thoughts and change your world.

And change your LIFE.