Aly and Jeff booked a great show today and we hit you with an array of intriguing topics..I mean we open with the Baier report looking back and the news that emerged from all the Sundays shows and the anything but Lame Duck session of congress. We then segued to Gordon Chang a China expert who was fuming over the missed opportunities President Obama passed on on the G-20... This makes some republicans happy but any American she be upset by the way this Pres was lectured by the world who are from perfect. He needs to rally the world economies against China and get them to play ball on an equal playing field. Just to recap- we also looked at the corruption on wall street with an insider and author Tom Ajamie who outlined the scams that take place across the board that slammed this economy into a wall.. Presidents Obama and Bush were powerless to stop it then and maybe even now. Did I mention we talked war with Colonel Oliver North and his book and his trip to Iraq and af/pak awe me.