I don''t think its possible to spring last night positively if you are a democrat.. Y0u lost 601 plus seats in the house and at least 6 in the senate and many Dem's ran vowing to fight your agenda..Look at West VA-. democrat Joe Manchin won my literally shooting the presidents cap and trade plan and rebuffed his health care law.

The magnitude of this election is apparent and you have to proud of a system that rewards and punishes people every 2-4 years. I think the president will shows today that he just doesn't get it and will be devising ways to make he republicans look bad and hypocritical do his best to build up friction between the tea party and their party. The take his chance in 2012 when he is on the ballot.. Don't let anyone tell you this is not about President Obama and his democratic lawmakers. They are out of jobs right now and sadly so are 1k staffers, but looks like Republicans are hiring.

The great American comeback is coming to the greatest country in the world..