Bp's Tony Heyward is a arrogant clown, who must have brown nosed his way to the top of that once proud company and seeing him on his Yacht sickened me bit did not surprise me.. Hearing that President Obama was golfing again the second time this week stunned me.. I just thought he was smarter then that..Why give his critics something to crow about why give gulf residents reason to feel unsure about your commitment to their recovery and plussing that damn hole.

I am hopeful that Secretary Gates will stand up to President Obama when he says pull out in July 11Th regardless of the situations on the ground. When can we expect a staffer to tell President Obama to push on Iraq as well.. There is one person who could push the president to act on Iraq and that's General Odierno.

Lets his exit speech be about dropping the ball and allowing Iran to push in and that will send a message to the American people,