It would be way too easy for California to cut billions of dollars in spending every year for illegal aliens and all the services they drain.

And way too logical for my State of Insanity.

Instead, California is looking at foolish ideas like digital license plates.


They would LOOK like the current license plates, but they would be virtually beamed on an LCD screen.

And here's the best part.

When stopped at red lights, your license plate would toggle over to ADVERTISING!! Get it?? The poor idiot behind you would be subject to ADVERTISING on your license plate.

First thing I thought of was how easy it would be to HACK a digital license plate. How long do you think before a high school kid with too much time on their hands figured out a way to manipulate what letters and numbers were beamed on the screen??

Also...what KIND of advertising?? And who asked YOU if you wanted to be a poster boy for these businesses in the first place??

What if I was FORCED to advertise for groups or individuals I found abhorrent?? Imagine the first wave of lawsuits from vegetarians having to advertise Spencer's Steakhouse on the rear end of their cars! Or a conservative having to advertise for the local liberal radio station (oh  wait...the free market already took care of those).

See?? In five minutes I already showed more foresight and planning than the buffoons who come up with junk like this.

Cut the SPENDING, you morons. It's the SPENDING that is killing California and most other states.

And keep my license plates analog.