They're doing the happy dance at Stewart - Haas racing .. After a big win, variety is the spice of life....and a team owner gets his day in the sun... Fox news radio's Marghiee Teshineh with "Fox in the Fast Lane"

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Ryan Newman is hoping he can make it two wins in a row. This week at the Texas Motor Speedway at the Samsung Mobile Five hundred.

Newman snapping a two year and seventy-seven race losing streak at Phoenix

Newman says he was proud to put one in the 'win' column' for boss Tony Stewart and the Stewart- Haas racing team:

Driver Jeff Burton says he loves racing in the Sprint cup series because you're on a different  track every week.

Hendrick Motorsports adds another power driver to its roster signing of Kasey Kahne for the twenty-twelve  season.

Hendrick Motorsports is NASCAR's top team and boasts a roster that includes Jimmie Johnson.

And team owner Joe Gibbs.. take a bow! Gibbs this week   becomes the first cup series owner to be inducted into the Texas Motorsports Hall of Fame.

Fox in the Fast Lane.. I'm Marghiee Teshineh, Fox News Radio