It must be hard to comprehend political reality if you are a liberal democrat today.

Just a year ago you were preparing to usher in one of the most beloved and admired candidates ever to run for President. It was to be an era of hope and change.

Now you are just hoping to keep the last bits of change in your pocket. Good luck. Wait till health care is a right and environmental fascism continues to bankrupt logic and the economy.

The new era never materialized. It, in fact, became a mockery of itself when the President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before he had actually done anything worthy of deserving it.

The American people are finally starting to wake up, I hope. And the Left knows it. That's why they act desperate. Because they ARE.

This wasn't supposed to happen!

Americans WANT health care, right?? Then why wasn't it a slam dunk?? Why are the Dems now resorting to CLOSED DOOR meetings, trying to HIDE the TRUTH of these dastardly bills from the American people??

Before I had even enjoyed my first cup of coffee this morning, I relished the headline that 3 Democrats planned to call it quits and not run for re-election. Democrats bailing when the era of hope and change is JUST beginning??

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, and one of my least favorite liberals of all--Senator Christopher Dodd are all deciding that it's best to bail before the entire ship sinks.

Of course they will never tell you that outright. But why leave when the Age you have been striving for your whole political life is now sitting before you? Because the Age is unraveling as quickly as it dawned.

Good riddance. Perhaps these Democrats are the smarter ones.

The not so smart ones will lose elections by double digits and wonder what happened.