There are few holidays that fill my hear with pride and gratitude as Veterans Day does.

Today marks the 91st Anniversary of the armistice signing that ended World War I, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month (do most kids still learn this I wonder?).

It is a day to thank those who served, whether family, friend, or complete stranger.

It is a day to thank those and remember those who aren't with us anymore to take our firm handshake and understanding glance.

Never take our Veterans for granted. Never forget all that they did and still do to keep us safe and sound, to keep us the greatest country that has ever existed.

My father and father-in-law are both Vets.

My cousin flew fighter jets in the Air Force and his sister flew medi-vac copters in the first Gulf War.

I have uncles who served in World War II and Korea.

My wife has countless Vets on her side of the family, too.

I am sure you do, as well. Thank them for me.

And if you, yourself, are a Veteran reading this. God bless you and thanks you for all you have done in service to this great country of ours.

We need to remember our Vets EVERY DAY. But make it a point to tip your hat and thank them today, wherever you may find them.