We recently played a couple rounds of Apples To Apples, a great family board game. In a nutshell, players have 5 cards that have words on them and match them up with a single description card that is drawn each round.

So you might have the word "fun" and five cards representing chores, school, skiing, root canal, and broken leg. You pick the one that you think fits the word "fun" the best.

I matched the word "calm" with Antarctica out of the five choices before me. And everyone kind of laughed at me. But hey, it's not like they have box stores up there!

Might be I wasn't far off!

Scientists have discovered the calmest place on earth. And it's clearly not your commute in the middle of rush hour or homework time with the kids.

The place to be is Ridge A on the Antartic Plateau.

 The average winter temperature is...um...-94 degrees F. That's MINUS 94 degrees.

So, scientists think it's the best place on Earth to watch the stars. But it's clearly not the best place to have a BBQ or to read that book you've been putting off.

We found calm last night. We hired the babysitter and headed off to one of our favorite restaurants.

And it was 94 degrees, funny enough.

ABOVE zero.