I thought it was a joke when I first heard it. The President will do another prime time speech on Health Care and this time in front of joint session of congress...I know the talk will be well delivered, well written and clear, but unless its ground breaking this will bring his term down...I mean it it would show me he's totally delusional and overestimates his ability to persuade. He cant be that clueless to think we can be persuaded by another talk. The last talk resulted in a beer summit will this one be about the frowns on speakers Pelosi's face when he confirms there wont be a government option? Senator Dole was great on this

Next Afghanistan- Sen Graham just got back and I know he does not agree with George Will that we should pull out and just use Drones and F-16's.

Finally dont tell me the Presidnts woes are race related.. I'll that to Bill Clinton when the republicans attacked him...tell that too George Bush when the Dems attacked him. The race rad is being abused and its minorities that wil pay the price because no one will know when its really being played and when its being used as a crutch..have a great holiday weekend...Thanks so much for helping our show