Bro-mance abounds in this week’s FOXLight DVD Release roundup!

Paul Rudd is about to marry “The Office’s” Rashida Jones, and suddenly realizes he has no one to be his Best Man, in I Love You Man. So, through a series of man-dates he finds alpha-male Jason Segel, who he bonds with so greatly it throws his impending marriage into disarray. Lending support is SNL’s Andy Samberg, original SNL-er Jane Curtin and “My Name Is Earl’s” Jamie Pressley.

Loosely based on an old George Burns film, former “Friend” Matthew Perry is a 37 year old loser whose best years happened two decades earlier. Through the magic of the cinema he is transformed back into his 17 year old self, looking like Zac Efron, but thinking like a middle-aged man, in 17 Again.

Also out this week…

Music on DVD includes:

Chris Isaak’s Soundstage: Greatest Hits Live, a 15-track concert recorded in hi-def for the PBS show “Soundstage”, and featuring his hits “Wicked Game”, “Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing”, and a six-song acoustic set.

And, Little River Band: Live Exposure is an October 1981 show recorded live in Texas, from near the end of the soft-rockers great radio run.

Finally, TV shows premiering on DVD this week include:

The third season of 70’s cop drama Adam 12

Early 90’s comedy hit Designing Women: Season Two

The recent remake of Aaron Spelling’s 90210: Season One

Cartoon fans can look forward to Super Friends: The Lost Episodes, which contains 24 lost shorts from 1983

And British comedy fans can grab Are You Being Served? The Complete Collection, with all 69 episodes on 14 DVD’s.

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