Sgt Crowley is taking his union head and a lawyer to the White House and I have to say I am indeed intrigued. Now he can’t get ambushed by the Professor and President and hopefully will stand his ground. Hey its intimidating to have the President at your picnic table and the White House as your backdrop- so now Crowley has some insurance. I think many cops wil be ticked off if he apologizes because they have been CALLNG THE SHOW SAYING HE WAS 100% IN THE RIGHT!!.. i HE SAYS HE WAS WRONG HE WOULD MAKE THEIR actions and support seem wrong misplaced.

Health Care is getting way to detailed and I get the sense you are getting sick of the Blue Dog public option dialogue. I know I am and the President has to be sick about his falling approval rating now down to 53% 3 pts drop in a week. Read Karl Roves column today he claims Obama is trying to intimidate lawmakers to his eway of thinking. Please someone read this bill!!!