I haven't even had my first cup of coffee yet. I might choose a nice, relaxing herbal tea instead. I am shaking with anger from the story I am about to relate.

Anyone who has ever had to call an ambulance knows how expensive even the quickest ride to the hospital can be. Most people, if they are lucky, will never have to call one at all.

But how about not caring how many times you call the ambulance? Not because you are wealthy and have the funds--but just the opposite. You have no job, no car, and no insurance. And clearly, no motivation either.

What if you actually hid behind an illness as a crutch and mocked the system and the taxpayers with it?

That is the case with a man who will remain nameless. The more I think of his name, the more I want to organize against him...or at least, write him a letter sharing my utter DISGUST for him. So I will leave the name out.

The moral of the story is that this poor, hapless victim has called an ambulance 603 times over the last 3 and a half years. Did you hear what I just said?


He claims it's even more. A THOUSAND rides would be closer to the truth, he admits.

But let's stick with the 603 rides for now. That has cost TAXPAYERS--not leaches--$118,158.  And, as you will see in a bit, that figure ends up being a LOT higher than that.

The poor, hapless victim can't see his doctor as often as he needs, and heck, the ambulance is faster than a cab he claims.

The difference is, HE would be paying the cab fare.

THIS kind of GARBAGE is the problem. THIS MAN is who Obama should be trying to fix, not the health care of over 300 million people.

The article from WGRZ.com states a reality no one wants to admit--government reimbursements for Medicaid are LOW. Ambulance companies get hit HARD. So when you add up the REAL COST of these joy rides to the hospital, the man's abuse actually costs closer to $360,000.

Mind you, that's for the 603 rides--not the THOUSAND he claims he has been on.

Isn't life wonderful for those without a care in the world? Isn't it nice that while I--and millions like me--struggle every day to feed and clothe and educate and medicate and care for our kids, others LEACH off the blood of the PRODUCTIVE?!?! Why pay your way in life when someone else WILL??

This story made me BEYOND angry. I wish 911 could tell him to BUZZ OFF unless it's a life threatening emergency. And it never is. The man just prefers an ambulance to a cab. But it can't.

And the system lets him do it. And the taxpayers bleed.

It must be nice to be a non-working, non-productive, non-caring, non-contributing member of society.

What a system we have.

Some might even call it a racket.

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