I was just looking at a Rasmussen Reports poll on President Obama's dwindling support. His Presidential Approval Index is now at -7.

That's MINUS 7.  To keep it simple, that means 7% more people disapprove of his performance than approve. Not good. Certainly not for the greatest candidate EVER...with all the promises of hope and change...and certainly not at this point in his term.

Something very interesting happens though when we look at race.

41% of whites approve of Obama's performance. But 97% of blacks approve of Obama's performance.

How can this be? What exactly has the President done so wonderfully to warrant almost UNIVERSAL approval?!?! 97% approval?? Does ANY LIVING OR DECEASED PERSON deserve THAT kind of support?? That is practically PERFECTION.

It doesn't make logical sense. It defies all the evidence before us.

Unemployment has skyrocketed since Obama was elected to nearly double digits (it already IS in several states). And I am sure, by extension of logic, that minority unemployment is probably UP along with everyone else. The deficit has ballooned to the highest level EVER to more than $1 trillion!! The mortgage situation appears to be worsening, not improving. Iran will have an atomic bomb in 6 months. North Korea and Iran continue to threaten us. Deaths in Afghanistan are at AN ALL TIME HIGH since the war BEGAN!!

Wait...did you hear what  I just said?? Unemployment up. Deficit up. Spending OUT OF CONTROL. And remember all those daily death counts under President Bush?? Have you noticed the death counts practically STOPPED when Obama became Commander In Chief?? How can that be?? More soldiers have died in a SINGLE MONTH since the beginning of the war UNDER Obama than Bush. Where is the outrage?? Where are the nutty protesters with the anti-war signs? Nowhere to be found.

Sure, it is an AMAZING achievement to have our Republic's first black President. It was a day many people, black and white, thought would never come in our lifetimes.

But does that mean we refrain from being critical? Does that mean we turn a blind eye to the reality of the situation? Does that mean the President can do no wrong?

Yes, it is early yet. But things appear to be getting worse, not better.

And for black Americans to criticize Obama is their responsibility and duty as much as it is for whites, Hispanics, or any other group.

Race HAS to be detached from performace. When it isn't, this is what happens when race becomes too important.

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