Great to be back and glad for the Judge but sad for me that he's off this week.. Health care I thought would be a big topic about a month ago but right now there just isn't any more popular issue right now. Amazed that President Obama himself has to go and sell like an Amway rep. all week. There is not another personality to do anything for him except well.. him..The problem this program is indefensible its a Pelosi plan and will reduce quality which no American will tolerate. Lets study went went wrong with the Masschussets plan and what has gone porrly in the UK and Canada and come up with something that helps us all. When Senator McConnell says we are all for changing health care to improve access and cost so there is something to build on. This plan is too costly and not yet finished so please don't even present it and make anyone sign it so you can take a bow Mr President. If he can wait like Charlie Rangel of all people hoped he would he might actually save his term because it will improve a package he has the numbers to pass.

By the way, did you see how dissed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got by her counterpart in India? When it came to emissions and demands and fines to make the earth a cleaner place they passed and so did their people. Their first priority is poverty and this Kyoto 2 package will hurt their economy like I believe President Bush said 8 years ago and still agrees with today