It's almost impossible for me to believe how inept this administration seems to be in so many areas.

And while the left loves to vilify Sarah Palin, they conveniently ignore all the guffaws and misspeaks and misstepsof Vice President Joe Biden.

As the economy and jobless rate continue to spiral--with jobless rates the worst they have been in nearly 30 years--the administration keeps coming up with EXCUSES.

Now Vice President Biden actually has had the AUDACITY to say they misread the economy. It's worse than they thought it was.


How do you get WORSE than the doom and gloom this bunch keep feeding us all those months leading up to the election??

Remember all the talk of the worst economy since the Great Depression? Remember when Obama himself said that if we didn't act fast enough that the recession might be one we would never get out of??

Sounded like pretty solid, end of the world as we know it, fear mongering.

And now Biden with a straight face says they didn't know it was THIS bad.

And actually, the irony of it all is that is WASN'T this bad. THEY have made things WORSE with their socialistic tinkering of the economy.

There is only one problem and it's a big one.

Americans elected this team to make things BETTER, not worse.

As much as the left hated Bush and his "awful 8 years" as President, it was Obama's team that have brought us to the brink of 10% unemployment.

What ELSE are they misreading? Taking control of an auto giant? Spending at rates we haven't seen in generations? Reaching out to thugs and tyrants as if they were tea time friends? Saying NOTHING when North Korea fires off half a dozen missiles?

What ELSE are they misreading? Probably quite a bit.

As the saying goes, don't blame me. I voted for the other guy.

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