It seems like a carnival not a memorial as we get set to take in the Michael Jackson long good bye. How well could Jennifer Hudson, Justin Timberlake, John Mayer know MJ? Shouldn’t they at least have had a significant role in his life if they are playing at what amounts to his funeral? Can the family at least bang out one song or make one speech. I understand of they are too upset about his passing but if not get them out there!! Also why are all these celebes talking about him now where were they at his trials? at his house? Neverland? I wil answer they were nowhere because ti’s guy was toxic and like hanging with kids not grown ups.

I tend to agree with Peter King who says we should be paying less attention but dont feel comfortable ripping him in death. Kinda shocked people are blacking out his transgressions with kids one event even cost him 22 million dollars. I perdict this Dr Comrad Murray goes to jail and this exector battle last for years.