I always liked Governor Sanford nice guy good guest but after this 3 hr interview with AP he just has to go. He has not shown any emotional stability therefore I think its time for him to leave his job . Saying he met his soulmate and will try and fall back in love with my wife and family. I am not judging him but his rambling confession hoenst or not makes no sense and does not sound like a guy in charge of his emotion.

The President has made his biggest mistake yet with the support of this ousted leader of Honduras. We now are demanding that a Hugo Chavez wanna be be re-inserted as President of that country? Why prey tell do we get involved in this but sits on his hands for 2 weeks on Iran. Any friend of Castro’s or Hugo’s is not a friend of mine and should not be a friend to our nation

Worst move yet Mr President time for another ” I screwed up speech” and make it quick