I heard the story this week of the man who soaked his wife with a garden hose--and then hit her--just because she was smoking in the house.

But this morning, bright and early thanks to the neighbor's dogs barking at 4am, I heard a part of the story that make me come unhinged.

It was an accident.

Yep. You see, this man didn't MEAN to get his wife wet (or hit her...I suppose THAT was an accident, too)...he oversprayed when he was watering the lawn.

Yeah!! That's it!! It was an ACCIDENT!!

See?  When I abused the kids, kicked the dog, yelled at my boss, blew the rent money, lost my job, ate the junk food, forgot my meeting--it was all an ACCIDENT!! It wasn't my fault!!

This is why the fabric of society is falling apart at the seams. No one is willing to own up to responsibility anymore. No one is EVER to blame. FOR ANYTHING!


This man sounds like some people I know. Oh, officer! I didn't mean to nearly run them over with the car! I didn't know the car was in REVERSE when I FLOORED it!! Honest, officer!! Oh, officer!! I was just touching her hand!! I didn't mean to almost break it and cause permanent nerve and tissue damage!! And oh officer!! I didn't really smash the door down!! I was just having trouble OPENING it!!


It's our spouses, our kids, our parents, our bosses, our genes, our stars, our leaders, our weather forecasts, and our poverty. It's NEVER because of US, is it?

This man ought to be ashamed of himself. And this woman ought to take some good advice--leave him while he is still attacking her with garden hoses.

Next time she might not be so lucky.

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