I knew Michael jackson’s death would be complicated and early but not at 50 and not this complicated. Already the Jackson’s seems to be blaming this Doctor who seems the definition of shady. The custody battle looks also like a big payday for the Jackson grandparents or his biological mother Debbie Rowe of his Nanny.

Clear to me MJ is responsible for his own death for a guy to get 13 plastic surgeries on his face shave off his nose and not listen to anyone who may have said ENOUGH taking painkillers and acquiring an addiction was all his call. Why would you want any kids to grow with the Joe and Kathrine Jackson- look what they did to Michael!!

Love the courage on the Iranians still protesting after the crackdown hope they just wear out these Melita’s.

Billy Mays great guy bet your house it was the bump on the head from US Airways look for huge lawsuits….