Thank God there is still a LITTLE bit of justice and fairness in the world.

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor endorsed a controversial racial case that has now been overturned by the United States Supreme Court.

New Haven, Connecticut ignored the results of a promotions test because minorities were not scoring high enough. Never mind that some white fire fighters DID score high enough. They threw the baby out with the bath water out of fear of alienating the ire of local minorities.

Can you BELIEVE this?? The fear of unrest and lawsuits led the city to discriminate against perfectly qualified contenders--19 whites and 1 Hispanic. Sorry, but it isn't the fault of one group who does well in something that others can't or won't perform to the same standards. It would be like tossing out the honor rolls because everyone can't meet them. Schools ALREADY do this when they toss out F's or rule out having Valedictorians because it will hurt the self esteem of the 99% who WEREN'T selected to represent their class. It's NONSENSE. Dangerous nonsense.

The firefighters argued correctly that discrimination is discrimination, now matter WHO it is directed at. You can't discriminate against whites or Hispanics anymore than you can discriminate against blacks or Asians or (fill in the blank).

Sotomayor was an appeals court judge at the time, who ruled the city was correct in throwing out the test. She was WRONG. And the Supreme Court has corrected her horrible judgement.

Unfortunately but not at all surprisingly, Justice Ginsberg wrote the dissent. She and Sotomayor are, frankly, cut from the same cloth.

This is exactly why I and many others are against Sotomayor's confirmation as our next Supreme Court Justice.

Luckily the Supreme Court ruled in favor or fairness and justice and common sense.

It might not do that the next time.

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