Fast food for the Hughes family is never really fast. Not after read the order for 8 people and then having to repeat it two or three times over because the person on the other end of the speaker generally doesn't understand.

And for many in Arizona, the only thing fast will be a fast drive to jail for the night.

The new program from the Pima County Sheriff's Department is actually called "Would U Like Fries" but should really be called "Would U Like A DUI With That?"!

It doesn't really seem practical or manageable, but the plan is to put undercover officers inside fast food eateries to watch out for those with slurred speech, red or blurry eyes, and alcohol on their breath.

A uniformed officer will be waiting outside to pull over anyone suspected of driving drunk.

First of all, everyone mumbles at the drive thru. The patrons, the workers. Everyone mumbles. Will every other customer be made to walk a straight line?

6 kids on a long car ride will give anyone red or blurry eyes.

And I am not really sure how well you could smell ANYONE'S breath when they are outside merely reaching an arm out to grab their food as you hand it to them.

The program is intermittent and costs a whopping $128,000--paid for by the Governor's highway safety grant money.

I am all for catching drunk drivers. I am just not convinced this will catch many, if ANY, culprits.

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