Just switched gears on the show we-are now looking at Ken Lewis' hearing with a house subcommittee. He's the CEO of Bank of America and he is squirming. This is an ugly emerging scandal and I think Hank Paulson
is next to be grilled. Dennis Kucinch is an A plus as an interrogator and just has a great handle on this issue.

I hate whats happening to all these detainees at Gitmo. Now these Chinese Muslim's get to go to two islands and live out their life. Why reward anyine for training in Pakistan to be a terrorist. Whats worse is the 100 that are going to Saudi Arabia? the land that ghave is the hijackers and likes to reprogram their terrorist. It never works.

Also let me just say my idol in TV was David Letterman but now I think he's off the deep end. he comes off mad and mean spirited. Governor Palin is just his latest target. He's become a late night Olberman>>