On a recent afternoon in Seattle, we noticed one of the vendors selling a shirt that had in big, bold, black, marker looking writing: "Smile...It Confuses People!"

I proved that one yesterday. I was a little chipper than average, even for me. It was a day filled with smiling, holding doors open for people, and gently waving drivers in as they merged.

You wouldn't believe how many confused looks I got. It's sad, in a way. It shows, to me anyway, that many people just aren't used to being treated with courtesy and kindness on a daily basis.

People are more accustomed to doors slamming in their face as they approach them and people speeding up and being jerks when they try to merge.

I have always believed it takes far less energy to be kind than to be an insufferable pain in someone's neck. Like the old saying that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown and it's far easier on the face.

Does it really make anyone feel better about themselves or the world by being a jerk? Then why do people do it? I will never understand it.

Maybe I will ask David Letterman for his opinion.

In the meantime, be nice or leave. It's a nice little motto that hangs in our family room. Try it sometime!

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