I usually try not to blog about things that I have made into major topics on my show.

But this swine flu nonsense is one of the rare exceptions.

For those of you who missed Fox Across America yesterday, we pounded you with the reality of the "typical" flu's annual death count. It's hard to believe, but 36,000 Americans die EVERY year from the flu.

Not the SWINE flu. THE flu.


I took out my calculator and did some basic math. That equates to an average of 98 people PER DAY.

Hmmmm. Let's say that again.

ONE death in America so far from the swine flu. And it was a foreign citizen...a child from Mexico. ONE DEATH.

The typical annual flu claims 98 American lives PER DAY!!

Why aren't we hysterical that almost 100 Americans die each day from the flu??

I saw a story today that hundreds of schools across the nation are closing their doors until they can figure the situation out. Why don't schools close for the normal flu?? Do you realize that in ONE week this month...ONE WEEK...55 American children died of the flu. Didn't see any schools closing as a result of that.

Scientists quoted in today's Los Angeles Times claimed that this flu strain is actually pretty "mild" and "may not even do as much damage as the run-of-the-mill flu outbreaks that occur each winter without much fanfare."

But now we've got the Vice President of the United States of America going on a major morning news show and telling America how he and his family will avoid subways, planes, and any confined spaces.

Nice. That'll make the few people who AREN'T hysterical yet go off the deep end.

Never mind that this is the man who thought FDR got on the television and addressed Americans on the Depression.

Now HE'S on television being very, very irresponsible.

Read my lips...but give me credit when you repeat it...beware the WHINE FLU.

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