Leave it to Joe Biden our VP to put a scare into Americans already worried about the swine flu.. Asked why we didn’t close the border to Mexico to contain the virus and if we should be flying at all. His answer is classic Joe- he told his family to avoid closed spaces and planes and trains altogether. Great did can anyone remind him that hes Vice President and his words have weights. Why should we fly if the Biden’s dont think its safe. Are they better then us ? what does he know? Suddenly the White House has to scramble to relax an unnerved public. How many gaffs until he’s told to hit the road.? I laugh but its really not funny? What if he has to become President?

Big question from last nights Presidential presser in Missouri- does he really want the govt to take over Banks Auto’s and maybe even health care. President Obama says NO I am just doing what the real world needs me to do. Do you agree…? I think any advantage his party could gain is outweighed by the problems the banks and cars have given him. So I think he likes the power not the problems