Why Do Liberals Get Hoodwinked By Dictators??

Liberals loved calling Bush a dangerous man. Some even called him a dictator. Banana Boatman Harry Belafonte said he was the biggest terrorist on earth.

But why is it that liberals seem to love ACTUAL dictators?? Case in point: Hugo Chavez. It’s amazing that Sean Penn could have so much contempt for President Bush and yet be so in love with old Hugo. Same for Danny Glover and countless other harebrained Leftists.

Now the Congressional Black Caucus (why do they exist again??) went down to Cuba to hang out with another of the Left’s favorite dictators–Fidel Castro.

Oh, we know, we know. Fidel is old now and his brother is in charge and he now kinda looks more like a creepy Grandpa than a revolutionary warrior.

Would you be surprised if I told you the Congressional Black Caucus members were infatuated with Fidel? That they praised this pathetic man?

Castro was the man whose saying once was “Revolution first, elections later.” Doesn’t sound very democratic to me.

Well, he did away with elections in Cuba more than 40 years ago when he declared the nation a SOCIALIST state. Who needs elections when you can have dictatorship!

This is a man whose idea of a New Year’s parade float was a display of actual Soviet tanks and weapons. NICE!

Does the Congressional Black Caucus remember…um…the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS?!?! Do they remember that their buddy Castro wrote Khrushchev asking the Soviet Union to launch NUKES at America if Cuba were to be invaded?!?!

Liberals LOVE to turn to the Human Rights Watch for wisdom as to who is being repressed in the world. Why won’t they listen when the HRW declares that Castro implemented a “repressive machinery” that to this day oppresses the Cuban people?!?!

“It was almost like listening to an old friend,” said Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Il.) as he admired Castro’s simple home and hospitality.

Why do liberals get hoodwinked by dictators??

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