We all know that kids can't take peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school anymore in the chance that one in a thousand students make be allergic to peanuts.

My son--who has a VERY limited number of foods he eats due to his Sensory Integration Disorder--can't even take the few snacks he can tolerate to school because they MAY have TRACES of peanuts. Or maybe not. But they MIGHT! Actually, someone at the processing plant may have THOUGHT of a peanut long ago, and that could be enough to leave trace amounts. God forbid.

Most airlines won't serve peanuts anymore, either. That's why we're all stuck with those crummy pretzels.

Now it's gotten even nuttier.

Wisconsin wants people to stop feeding peanuts to the squirrels at the state Capitol because...you guessed it...a child with an allergy might be visiting on a field trip.

Instead of going after the culprits, why not tell kids to avoid the SQUIRRELS! After all, SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW they have been exposed to peanuts. If not at the Capitol, then maybe down the street.

What if a squirrel has peanut BREATH?? That could be enough to get someone sick.

Better to avoid the squirrels. After all, they are just glorified rats, really. Come on! You KNOW they are! People run in terror of wild rats, but a squirrel!! SOOOOOOO cute! Why? Because it has cuter eyes, softer looking fur, and a busy tail instead of a wirey one. PERIOD. Other than that, they are rats.

So avoid the squirrels and pass me another Nutter Butter, please.

Darn those things are tasty.

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