My parents never would have been OK with me getting 70% in school. And for that matter, neither would my SCHOOL.

It just wasn't an acceptable score or average to have. I was never a straight A student, but I wasn't a C student, either.

When did a 70% become acceptable to parents? My parents would have gotten me a tutor before this happened. They would have taken all my activities and pastimes away from me until my grades came up. Not to mention the teachers would have figuratively slapped me upside the head if I got C's.

Now, apparently, it A-OK with many parents for their little darlings to just barely scrape by.

Case in point: some Eastern York, Pennsylvania parents are arguing that maintaining a 70% in each class is too much for their kids. If they fall below that, they lose extracurricular activities.

Call the Whambulance!

The benchmark for athletes is ALREADY lower at 60%.

Some standards, huh?

Around our house, kids start losing things near and dear to them when grades slip. Cell phones, television, video games, having friends over, etc. They certainly would lose the privilege of extracurricular activities long before they slipped to 70%.

"It's overzealous that (students) have to carry very high scores through every class," said one parent.

Very high scores?? Asking kids to get better than C's is "overzealous"?

I will be brutally honest with you as I always am--we are raising a nation of imbeciles. PERIOD. The teachers and standards of yesterday would have placed a DUNCE hat on the work that now gets showered with A's and happy faces. Every standard has been beaten down to the level of being meaningless.

And even in this easier day and age where far less is expected of kids and the challenges are nowhere where they used to be--they STILL can't keep at least a B average??

Parents used to be outraged at their kids for doing so poorly. Today, they are outraged at the teachers and society. Everything and everyone except their kids. 

And while they are angry at their kids, they ought to be angry at themselves, too, for falling to such low depths of expectations and performance.

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