OK. I am good at practical jokes. I am good at April Fool's jokes.

Over the years I have fooled MANY people with my gags. And yesterday was no different.

Let me make something perfectly clear. I have NOT had a hair transplant. It was an APRIL FOOL'S JOKE.

Come on now, even if I DID pursue one, there is no such thing as a hair "donor" and even if there was, I would never have any of my children be subjected to such a thing for the purpose of my vanity. That would be cruel and unusual.

But my blog and audio commentary fooled a lot of people, which I guess was the intention. I have a pretty good track record over the years.

Another joke that fooled many listeners was when I announced we were starting to simulcast the show for all of our untapped Spanish language listeners.

Also not true. You can't DO this. It's not a movie that can have subtitles running across it and any translation would have to be on the fly or after the fact. I promise you we are not pandering to my fellow Hispanic listeners.

So...these were just jokes. JOKES, I say. Hey, son, dontcha get it?

I wish Obama's nominees and their tax problems were an April Fool's joke. Along with North Korea flexing its muscles and the President breaking his pledge on taxes. But no, those are REAL stories.

No hard feelings, I hope. It was all in joke fun. And hey, it's ONLY once a year!

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