Another study. Another danger. Another reason to pull the covers back over your head and fall into hybernation.

This world is too dangerous. There are things lurking around every corner ready to poke us, hurt us, KILL us.

New research is warning against drinking tea or coffee when it's TOO  HOT. This indulgence supposedly increases your risk of esophogeal cancer 8 fold.

But how hot is too hot? Anything over 156 degrees Fahrenheit. That's enough to make your finger hurt.

Then I am safe. That is actually my test when I nuke coffee from earlier in the day. If it hurts my finger, I let it cool. Why would anyone want to scald their throat like that?

Merely "warm" tea or coffee is measured as below 149 degrees. Whew. That's my tolerance threshold! Anything below 149 degrees and it might as well have ice cubes in it, right?!?!

The researches say drinking dangerously hot beverages may be a cultural thing.

Thankfully my personal culture doesn't drink green beer, scalding tea, or advocate sleeping on a bed of nails.

I think I am safe. Until the next study.

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