Death Is Always Proceeded By SOMETHING!

I almost bought a Wii Fit at Costco last week. You know, one of those exercise boards that hooks up to the Nintendo Wii and lets you do all sorts of cool things.

Like virtual yoga, boxing, and skiing.

Some of you must think I am crazy, especially after the story from Britain about the guy who died immediately after using the Wii Fit.

A 25-year-old man in otherwise great health was jogging in place before collapsing and dying.

Experts are calling it “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome”! Talk about a scary syndrome!

But this story shouldn’t scare you away from buying a Wii Fit.

The whole thing got me thinking–everyone dies IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING SOME OTHER ACT!!

Think about it! When someone dies, they were doing something immediately before…whether it was exercising, laughing, driving, eating, reading, working, etc.

Does that mean that the actions taken immediately before death are the cause of the death? Maybe. In some cases, yes. The reckless driving led to the car being wrapped around the tree. The drug overdose took place after taking all those drugs. And the broken bones came from running out in the middle of traffic.

But again, we will all die immediately following SOMETHING. Does that mean that sleeping, praying, doodling, or listening to your iPod lead to DEATH?

Of course not.

But it sure makes a great headline if you can tie two unrelated things together.

So I think I will still buy the Wii Fit and take my chances. No use worrying to death about it.

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