My cell phone spent a few hours in the shop this weekend.

It was freezing up and rebooting at the worst possible times. It would phantom dial people and get its wires (how if it's wireless I wonder) crossed.

And now it's working better than when it was brand new. How?

It needed a hard reset. That's when they lose all your games and ringtones that you have spent a small fortune on and re-input your contacts list with everyone's name misspelled.

But it was worth it because it doesn't miss a beat now. Even the battery is lasting me twice as long between charges!

Sometimes all we need is a hard reset. Or even a soft one, for that matter.

Ever notice that sometimes life is like this? As much as we might complain about things being awry, things are usually not all THAT fouled up.

Just a little. Sometimes all we need is to change an attitude or start seeing something differently. Sometimes we need to do what they did in the movie DEAD POET'S SOCIETY and stand on a chair to see things from a different vantage point.

As hard as it may seem to believe, the path we are on and the path we want to be on are not necessarily miles apart from each other. They COULD be and SOMETIMES are. But not always. Sometimes they were running alongside each other the whole time!! We just didn't look over and see!

Usually we just need a slight adjustment the way a television needs every so often to get the colors just right again.

That's great news! Getting on track doesn't HAVE to be the arduous struggle we make it out to be. Don't resist so much. Let go. Find a new way.

Change things just a LITTLE and the results can be much bigger and rewarding.

Eat a little less. Save a little more. Be a little nicer. Drive a little safer. Take a little extra time.

And reap the benefits of a hard reset once in awhile.

Even if you're NOT a cellphone.

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