Imagine if it were President Bush making a Special Olympics joke. Or Senator McCain. Or Governor Palin.

Or...just about ANYONE other than President Obama getting away with it.

My previous blog expressed clearly my disgust with Obama's appearance with Jay Leno. It dumbs down the Oval Office. It lowers the President to the caliber of comedians and circus dogs.

And my worst fears were confirmed when the President made the Special Olympics joke.

The President recently bowled a 129 game. "It was like the Special Olympics or something," Obama joked.

HAHAHAHA. Get it?? Making fun of the physically and mentally handicapped is FUNNY stuff when Obama jokes about it!!

How do I know that? Because the late night audience ROARED with laughter and approval! Will this bring back "retarded" jokes? Have liberals missed them that badly?

I can't believe what I am reading on message boards on this. No matter how far Obama stuck his shiny shoes into his mouth, his supporters defend him no matter what.

"Oh leave it alone."

"Can't we take a joke anymore?"

"Republicans need to sit tight and relax."

No. We WON'T leave it alone.  It ISN'T a joke. And Republicans shouldn't be the only ones angry about this.

I had a listener from my local radio days who was in the Special Olympics. His name is Joey. I made an effort to go see him on several occasions and I was moved by his abilities and passion. He had more ability and passion than most able bodied athletes I have known. His results and medals were nothing to laugh at.

But hey, the President has apologized. And he DOES plan to have some Special Olympics athletes over to the White House. If I were them I'd say, "NO THANKS, MR. PRESIDENT!" Why accept an invitation to be a tool to ease his conscience?

Sorry. I have read the tea leaves. I have smelled the coffee. I have seen reality (I always HAVE been able to, thank God). And this administration is proving to be not only inept, but juvenile and embarrassing.

But I guess that's what happens when America elects a rock star over a Statesman.

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