I have learned a lot about death, head on as it were, from the sudden and tragic death of my mother last July 1st. As my father and I held my mother’s hand as her heartbeat faded away, I was convinced more than ever that the energy source that was my mother could not have just whithered away and disappeared to the Great Beyond.

There had to be more. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, after all. So where does it go when it seemingly vanishes?

This belief should be highly reassuring for anyone who has experienced the death of a loved one. I believe beyond a doubt that this life is just a passing glance of what our existence entails in the whole scheme of things. I really do believe that we are source energy and therefore we may change the form we take, but we are always in some form or another.

My wife recently got me into a television show that I had never seen before. It’s called LISA WILLIAMS: LIFE AMONG THE DEAD. Lisa Williams is a British born clairvoyant and medium working out of Los Angeles.

And yes, she sees dead people. She has, as she explains at the beginning of each episode, had this incredible gift since she was little.

She doesn’t just SEE them, she communicates with them.

Even the hardest core skeptics will have their jaws drop to the floor as each episode unfolds. The show is divided into three separate segments: one has Lisa revealing insights from deceased loved ones as their relatives visit Lisa in her office. Another has her walking up to strangers on the street or in stores…people who have a certain aura around them that catch Lisa’s attention. And finally, one of my favorite segments involves Lisa visiting haunted hotels or private homes where things have been known to go bump in the night.

The show’s premise is clearly intriguing. But Lisa’s insights are mind blowing, to say the least. She will come up with names of the deceased, ways in which they passed, anniversary dates, descriptions of the deceased, quirks and characteristics that she couldn’t possibly know.

Still skeptical? All I can say is watch the show. It’s the best show on television that you probably aren’t watching. But you will. Soon Lisa Williams will be as recognizable a name as John Edward and James Van Praagh in this field. Her popularity is catching on by the day. It’s hard to watch an episode without finding her a very likeable person with an amazing, life changing talent.

We are such fans that my wife recently surprised me with tickets to see her in person at an upcoming event. We can’t wait.

Check her show out. It will boggle your mind and make you certainly re-think some of your views about death and the afterlife.

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