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It isn't rare for my children to make fun of me. I try to be as entertaining as I can for them and it often results in my being laughed at rather than WITH.

But it IS rare for my kids to constantly remind me that my pants are loose. WAY too loose.

Some of you may remember that late last year, I made a pledge to finally lose the weight I needed to lose, and KEEP IT OFF. My goal was, and is, to lose 40 pounds.

And I am proud to announce that I have reached that halfway goal weight.

I have lost 20 pounds. I have trimmed SIX INCHES off my body (thank God it didn't come from my height). You don't realize how much six inches is until you are given a measuring tape of that length and you think, "Holy smokes! That used to be on my hips and gut!"

I have been a size 36 inch waist for as long as I can remember. And for a short time of stress and excuse making, I actually creeped up into a 38.

By December I had dropped to a 34 inch pant size for the first time in FOREVER. And this week I noticed that THOSE are starting to slide off my hips, too!

How did I do this and how do I continue to pursue that 40 pound goal?

By staying focused and disciplined. Just like with any other goal you set, you can only really hope to attain it by BELIEVING you can achieve it.

If you play the lottery and as you pay for your tickets remind yourself how you will never, ever win it, than you might as well have set your money on fire.

Saying you want a brand new red sports will get you nowhere if in the same breath you regret and resent not being able to afford one. Saying you will get an A on the math test while inwardly believing you are a failure at math will cancel out any positive expectations you may have had.

I got tired of feeling how snug my pants were fitting me. So I changed my self image and began dreaming of what it would feel like for my pants to feel LOOSE for a change. And now I have to chuckle when the kids laugh that my size 34 pants are falling off of me! If I slip down to size 32 pants, that would be the first time in a couple of decades!!

The bottom line is I have been working hard at visualizing what I will look like at my goal weight. I am focusing on what that will feel like. Because, obviously, at one point I DID weigh that much. I am remembering the energy and confidence that I had at that weight. And if I had it once, I can have it again.

And I will. And so can you.

Whether it's weight loss or a life partner or a million bucks.

Be firm and clear and definite about what you want. Put all of your energy and focus into it. And expect and be open to receiving what you are asking for.

And try not to be too shocked when you get it because you will.

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