Kilmeade & Friends

Giuliani: To Protect America, It’s Better To Give Up Some Liberty For SafetyBrian was joined in studio by former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who discussed the long term ramifications of Sony’s decision to pull “The Interview” from theaters because of terror threats. Mayor Giuliani is worried that Sony pulling “The Interview” from theaters now allows anyone who is upset with a movie to dictate what people will […]
Todd Starnes Previews His Upcoming Special “The Todd Starnes All-Star Christmas”Todd Starnes, host of FOX News & Commentary, joined Brian to give a preview of his upcoming special, “The Todd Starnes All-American Christmas” which airs on December 24th at 7pm eastern on Fox News Radio. Todd told Brian that celebrities such as Duck Dynasty star Al Robertson, Grammy Winner Chris Tomlin and Former Alaskan Governor […]
If Obama doesn’t have a strong response to Sony Hack, freedom of speech will be controlled by foreign countries.Forbes columnist and author of “Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World”, Gordon Chang, sat down with Brian to give his expert take on North Korea’s cyber-attack on Sony and the long-term effects on freedom. Gordon believes China gave North Korea help in their cyber-attack on Sony and told Brian that China hosts North […]

John Gibson

WHY IT’S SONY’S FAULT (IT REALLY, TRULY, SERIOUSLY IS)by John Gibson People aren’t going to like hearing this. It’s Sony’s fault. True. Sony’s fault. This entire humiliating episode of the cancellation of the release of an American movie on the demand of a lunatic dictator is entirely the fault of the movie studio and it’s deranged, deluded, self important, meddling executives. That’s right. Blame Sony. […]
Brooklyn Rapper Bobby Shmurda Arrested on Murder, Weapons, Drugs Charges , Check out the latest HHWIR ….Holla!Check out the latest edition of the John Gibson Show’s Hip Hop Week in Review! Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter John Gibson Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Gibson - 12-19-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
WSJ Bret Stephens: Obama’s Cuban Policy Is a Legacy Grab!Bret Stephens, Foreign Affairs Columnist & Deputy Editorial Page Editor for The Wall Street Journal weighs in on the US-Cuba pact, the CIA Torture report & The latest on the North Korean Hacking scandal. John Gibson Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Gibson - 12-19-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)

Tom Sullivan

FBI Confirms North Korea #Sony Attack: Is Unplugging The Best Defense In The Growing Cyberwar!? — Top Of The Stack 12.19.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK .. 1) FBI officially connects North Korea to the Sony hack… George Clooney: Sony Execs, Hollywood blew it! Charles Krauthammer defends the NSA program, and giving up “freedoms” to combat cyber terror FINALLY: Obama shows his love for James .. FLACCO!? 2) The Fed’s Janet Yellen’s interest […]
Kim Jong Un Conquers Hollywood! Did Sony, America Cave To Terrorism? — Top Of The Stack 12.18.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK … 1) Sony pulls “The Interview” from theaters, may lose $100 million President Obama: We don’t know if its North Korea, but Americans should “go to the movies” Newt Gingrich slams Sony, US response to Sony hackers   This isn’t the first time Hollywood made fun […]
Obama’s #CubaPolicy Change: We Do Business With Other “Bad Guys”, Why Not #Cuba — Top Of The Stack 12.17.14BREAKING:  Sony Pictures Entertainment confirms that they have cancelled the Christmas Day release of “The Interview”  Statement From Sony Pictures In light of the decision by the majority of our exhibitors not to show the film The Interview, we have decided not to move forward with the planned December 25 theatrical release. We respect and […]

Alan Colmes

Does This Billboard Offend You?Friday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Danielle Muscato, the PR Director of America Atheists, about billboards the organization has put up all across the country featuring a little girl writing Santa. In her message, she tells Santa all she wanted for Christmas is “to skip church,” because she’s “too old for fairy […]
Why Are Atheists Launching Anti-Christmas Billboards? – Alan Colmes 11.19• American atheists president David Silverman explains why his group is launching anti-Christmas billboards across the country that target “in-the-closet atheists.” • It’s the Friday Night Free-For-All! Alan Colmes Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Colmes - 12-19-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
Kessler: Both Republicans And Democrats Stretch The Truth EquallyThursday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler, who discussed some of the most misleading statements made in politics he bestowed “Pinocchios” on. Alan and Kessler talked about quotes from Sen. Rand Paul, former Vice President Dick Cheney and even President Obama, who all made the list of […]