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Senator Lieberman: U.S. Should be Supplying Ukraine with Lethal Aid; Riedel: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan Brought about Islamic Extremists.KILMEADE KONDENSED: 07/30/14   Listen here for the Kilmeade Sound Medley of the day HOUR 1 Florida Governor RICK SCOTT (R) called in and explained to Brian that he ran for office because the state of Florida was being run like the Federal government with over regulation and high taxes and wanted to change the […]
David Ignatius on where Sec. Kerry went wrong + Rep Sean Duffy won’t leave until border issues is addressed [audio]KILMEADE KONDENSED: 07/29/14   Listen here for the Kilmeade Sound Medley of the day     HOUR 1 Opinion writer for the Washington Post and author of “The Director” DAVID IGNATIUS weighed in on the Gaza crisis and explained that Secretary John Kerry went wrong in his cease-fire negotiations because he went to Turkey and […]
Amb Dennis Ross: We should interdict the ships headed into Gaza with weapons from Iran + the rest of Kilmeade Kondensed [audio]KILMEADE KONDENSED: 07/28/14   Listen here for the Kilmeade Sound Medley of the day   HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN weighed in on the crisis in Gaza and that he is pessimistic that they can actually keep the peace because Hamas does not want to recognize Israel and the international community will […]

John Gibson

Ben Stein: Why I Stand Up For Richard Nixon, A Man Of Extraordinary Genius And FearlessnessBen Stein, author of “How To Really Ruin Your Financial Life and Portfolio” and former speech writer of Richard Nixon joined Gibson to talk about the “Real Richard Nixon” that he knew and worked with. Be sure to Click like on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter Listen here: Be sure to check out the […]
Dobbs: Obama Is Ransacking The NationLou Dobbs- host of Lou Dobbs Tonight (weekdays 7-8PM/ET) Fox Business Network joined Gibson with the latest on the economy and President Obama’s direct influence on the sluggish economy. Dobbs told Gibson that Presidnet Obama is “ransacking the nation” On talk of Impeachment, Dobbs said not until after the 2014 elections. On Obama’s new sanctions […]
GIBSON OPINION: JESSE, SUING THE WIDOW IS NOT COOLAt the risk of becoming the defendant is a lawsuit from former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (far left), may I suggest that Ventura’s lawsuit against the late famed SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (near left) went too far when Ventura continued the suit against Kyle’s wife after Kyle died. Yesterday a jury awarded Ventura $1.8 million from […]

Tom Sullivan

Ventura’s Victorious!: But How Low Would You Go To “Clear Your Name”? — Top Of The Stack 07.30.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK … **BREAKING: The House has approved the $17 billion VA compromise **  1) Jesse Ventura successfully sues dead hero’s estate, wins $1.8 million in “American Sniper” defamation case BusinessWeek: Why Ventura’s “dumb” lawsuit was “not so dumb“ VIDEO: Here are the claims made by Chris Kyle that […]
IRS CRACKDOWN!: Agency Says They Will Now Monitor Pastors’ & Churches Political Activity — Top Of The Stack 07.29.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK …   1)  WAPO: The Internal Revenue Service says they will start monitoring churches for “electioneering” following a settlement with an atheist group Is IRS’ crackdown on preachers a violation of their rights? (AUDIO) ICYMI: Tom Debates “David From Huntington” over whether churches should be taxed […]
(AUDIO) Disturbed By The Latest “Botched” Execution? Here’s What That Killer Did …Was the execution of convicted double murderer Joseph Wood “botched”? … And if so, do you care? Last night in Arizona, Joseph Wood was put to death for the 1989 murder of Debra Dietz, and her father, Eugene. However, some witnesses say the execution was “botched” because it took two hours and Wood was seen ‘gasping and struggling to breathe’. Well, no […]

Alan Colmes

An Anti-War View of the Israel/Palestine ConflictWednesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke to Justin Raimondo, Editorial Director of to get an alternate take of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Raimondo told Alan that he felt that the far right wing has taken over Israel and that American media has taken a major role in supporting Israel. Raimondo also said that […]
John Dean Discusses the Events and Legacy of WatergateTuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan welcomed former White House counsel John Dean to the studio to discuss the events and legacy of the Watergate break-in that brought down the Nixon Presidency. Dean has collected thousands of pages of transcripts and never-before-heard audio in his new book, “The Nixon Defense: What He Knew and […]
The Judge Talks Immigration, Impeachment and Drug LegalizationTuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano joined Alan for a legal round-up of a variety of issues in the news today. First up was if the impeachment of President Obama could ever succeed. The Judge said not only could it not succeed, but Speaker of the House […]