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Ed Rollins Gives Insight On the Big Players at C-PAC; Calls Gov. Walker a Rising StarEd Rollins, GOP political consultant and Fox News contributor, gave his insight to Brian on the big players at C-PAC yesterday. Listen Here: Ed Rollins believes the big rising star emerging in the GOP is Scott Walker (R-WI), who Rollins said gave a great speech and those who haven’t seen Walker give a speech in […]
General Tata: Despite What Kerry Said, The World Is Not Safer, ISIS Is Spreading Like A Cancer.General Anthony (A.J) Tata, (Ret) Spoke with Brian about the disconnect between the Obama Administration and the Terror Threat From ISIS. Listen here: General Tata told Brian that ISIS is spreading like a cancer from Morocco through the Middle East, adding, we have a lot of young men and women in America who are part […]
Jeff Kyle On The Murderer of His Brother Chris: Eddie Ray Routh Was A Drug Addict & A Disgrace Of A Human BeingJeff Kyle, younger brother of Chris Kyle, joined Brian in studio with his reaction to the verdict of his brother’s murder. Listen Now: Jeff said he was surprised how the defense presented their case, telling Brian he does not believe Eddie Ray Routh suffered from PTSD and believes Routh was a drug addict, a disgrace […]

John Gibson

Gibson Wonders: What’s Wrong With Your Bleeping Eyes?Gibson is amazed to see that the world stopped this week to watch Llama’s run loose in Sun City, Az & to decipher whether a dress is Black & Blue or White & Gold. What do you think? Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter John Gibson Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Gibson […]
Bloomberg View Columnist Eli Lake: Kerry Doesn’t Make Sense, In Obama’s Second Term The World Has Become A Much More Dangerous PlaceLike us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter According to Bloomberg View Columnist Eli Lake, “Last week, top Pentagon officials briefed reporters about plans for the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces, with U.S. air support, to retake Mosul in April or May. Iraq’s prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, has been more sober, telling the BBC […]
HILLARY: NEVER MIND THOSE FUNKY $BILLIONS, I AM A WOMANby John Gibson Follow on Twitter, Facebook and listen free/live on the foxnewsradio app Hillary Clinton has a problem. Money. Not that she’s “broke” again. Far from it. This time it’s about great piles of money that has flowed into the Clinton Foundation headed by hubby Bill. The Washington Post is reporting today that she actually violated […]

Tom Sullivan

From “Lovable Guy” To Brutal Killer: How Do We Find And STOP The Next Jihadi John!?Here are SOME Of  The Stories In Today’s STACK … 1) Identity of Jihadi John revealed: family and friends claim he was once “gentle and kind” So-called civil rights group claims “Jihadi John” became radicalized after being harassed over his faith Judge Napolitano: did the FBI “gin up” Brooklyn ISIS threat to get credit for stopping […]
“Open Internet”? FCC Approves Net Neutrality, More Government Control Of The Web …Here are SOME Of the Stories In Today’s STACK … 1) BREAKING: FCC just approved the “net neutrality” It’s not over: today’s vote will likely lead to long legal fight! Consumerist: Comcast quarterly profits show why they hate net neutrality! They want to protect their biggest moneymaker—cable WSJ: Net Neutrality are WRONG, missing why so-called […]
Religious Freedom Vs Business Rights: Store Refuses To Hire Muslim Because Her Hijab Doesn’t Fit Their “Look Policy” #AbercrombieHere are SOME Of The Stories In Today’s STACK … 1) Clothing retailer heads to Supreme Court because it refuses to hire a Muslim women, says her hijab doesn’t fit their “look policy” Christian florist defends her refusal to provide to flowers for a gay wedding WIRED: FedEx And UPS Refuse to Ship a Digital Mill That […]

Alan Colmes

Never Argue with a Dead Person – Alan Colmes 3.2• Manhattan Medium Thomas John discusses the most memorable he has had with dead people and what they have told him. Alan Colmes Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Colmes - 02-27-2015 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
Former Gov. Gary Johnson On His CPAC “Heart Attack”Friday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with former New Mexico Governor and Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who made a memorable appearance during CPAC Thursday. During a debate on the legalization of marijuana, Johnson pretended to keel over when his opponent, former New York Republican Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, mentioned the likelihood of a […]
One Doctor’s Journey To Heaven And BackThursday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Dr. Mary Neal, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and the author of To Heaven And Back, which details what happened after she was declared dead for 24 minutes. Alan and Dr. Neal discussed the kayak accident that lead to her experience, her relationship with God before her […]