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Lt. Col. JOHN NAGL: Kobani is not Militarily Important, But Huge in the Propaganda War.KILMEADE KONDENSED: 10/21/14 Listen here for the Kilmeade Montage of the day HOUR 1 Radio host and author of “Hands off My Gun” DANA LOESCH weighed in on the mid-terms and gun control.  Dana told Brian talked about the midterms and how the GOP is looking good except that Kentucky is an odd race because […]
Dr. RICHARD CARMONA: Public Has Lost Faith In Gov’t Protecting Us.KILMEADE KONDENSED: 10/20/14   Listen here for the Kilmeade Sound Medley of the day HOUR 1 New York Post Columnist MICHAEL GOODWIN talked about President Obama once again laying blame on his staff for letting him down over the spread of Ebola with failed precautions and contamination of extra people.  Michael believes that we have […]
LT. GENERAL NEWTON (RET): Airstrikes Need To Be A Thunderstorm, Not A DrizzleKILMEADE KONDENSED: 10/17/14   Listen here for the Kilmeade Montage of the day HOUR 1 Wall Street Journal journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner BRET STEPHNS dropped by and talked about Ebola and how like everything else the President is doing it’s a day late and a dollar short. Unequal CEO ROB VITO and CME JIM […]

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Founder of The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft: Ferguson Protestors Want to Riot…Only Ice & Snow Will Stop ThemFounder of The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft weighs in on the latest in Ferguson. Take a listen: Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter John Gibson Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Gibson - 10-21-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
Lucianne Goldberg: This Was Was a Sexual Relationship NOT the Bridges of Madison CountyLucianne Goldberg weighs in on the latest Monica Lewinsky comeback. Just what does Monica want now Lucianne wonders…Take a Listen: Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter John Gibson Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Gibson - 10-21-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
NY Post Columnist Michael Goodwin: Obama Gives Republicans An Early Christmas Gift!NY Post Columnist Michael Goodwin weighs in on Obama telling Al Sharpton that Democratic candidates who had been avoiding him were actually “strong allies who have supported my agenda.” Goodwin & Gibson cannot believe he would say that KNOWING these candidates need to win elections in November. Listen to interview below: Like us on Facebook […]

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Pastors Told Perform Gay Marriages Of Go To Jail! Should The Religious Rights Of For-Profit Chapels Be Protected? — Top Of The Stack 10.21.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK …   1) Idaho Pastors, “for profit” Chapel owners threatened with prison for refusing to perform gay marriages FOX NEWS’ RADIO’S TODD STARNES’ TAKE Christian Bakery forced to close over gay marriage issue, facing HUGE fines President Obama “evolves” on gay marriage — again. Obama in 2008: […]
“Out Of Control”: More Americans Feeling “Anxiety”, Losing Trust in Government — Top Of The Stack 10.20.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK … 1) POLITICO POLL: two-thirds of likely voters said they feel that the United States has lost control of its major challenge Military preparing “ebola teams” to react to new cases, CDC releases updated guidelines  NJ School forbidding Rwanda immigrants from attending over ebola fear 2) California […]
Ready For Some Redistributing? Head Of The Fed Says Income Inequality Is Un-American! — Top Of The Stack 10.17.14  Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK … 1) POLL: America’s confidence in the CDC has taken a nosedive Crime Texas health care workers are now forbidden from traveling … President Obama picks Ron Klain as the Ebola Czar. He doesn’t have a medical background. 2) Janet Yellen: economic inequality is un-American Walmart to […]

Alan Colmes

Rep. Burgess: Someone Needs To Take Control On EbolaTuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), who has spent nearly three decades practicing medicine in North Texas, where most of the news about Ebola has focused. Alan and Rep. Burgess discussed how the Obama administration has handled the Ebola crisis so far, if the CDC’s Thomas Frieden should […]
Bill O’Reilly: Russell Crowe Is Tough Enough To Play PattonTuesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan had Bill O’Reilly in studio to talk about his new book Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General. The host of “The O’Reilly Factor” also talked about the 2016 Presidential election, if he will ever get involved in politics himself, and who he […]
Hillary Clinton for President? Alan Colmes 10.21• Fox’s Bill O’Reilly will be here to look at the strange death of General George Patton. • Hillary Clinton for President? Writer Doug Henwood explains why there should not be a Clinton dynasty • Texas Congressman and doctor, Rep. Michael Burgess, gives an Ebola update. Alan Colmes Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Colmes - 10-21-2014 - […]