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Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson: “Michael Brown Is Dead Because Of Michael Brown”Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, conservative black civil rights activist, told Brian that children in the black community are being told a lie about police and therefore, have no respect for officers leaving cops no choice but to defend themselves. He also blames black leaders such as Reverend Jesse Jackson and Eric Holder for fanning the flames […]
Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret): John Kerry Should Have Been Fired, Not Chuck Hagel.Former CIA Intelligence officer, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret), joined Brian to give his take on Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel’s “resignation.” Shaffer believes he was actually fired and that if anybody should have been fired, it’s John Kerry. Shaffer said Hagel’s honesty with President Obama is why he was fired. Shaffer said the bottom […]
Arthur Aidala: Ferguson Prosecutor Knew There Was Not Enough Evidence To IndictArthur Aidala, defense attorney & Fox News contributor, joined Brian in studio to give his expert opinion on the Officer Wilson/Michael Brown case. Aidala said the most important aspect of the case were the mindsets of both Michael Brown, who had just committed a robbery, and Officer Darren Wilson, who was alerted about a robbery […]

John Gibson

Kevin Jackson: Stupid black people think Michael Brown is the second coming of Rosa Parks.follow on twitter, Facebook, and listen free and live on the foxnewsradio app Kevin Jackson, Executive Director, The Black Sphere, and author of “Race Pimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism”, told Gibson that if you have a brain in your head, you know Officer Wilson did his job. Jackson believes “stupid black people think […]
Roland Martin: Time For Cops To Wear Body Camerasfollow on twitter, Facebook, and listen free and live on the foxnewsradio app Roland Martin, host/managing editor of TV One’s daily morning show, News One Now, believes the Daren Wilson/Michael Brown case has forced us to look at the discretion we give police officers involved in fatal shootings. Roland told Gibson it is time for […]
Juan Williams: Wilson Should Have Stepped on Gas And Got Out Of There.follow on twitter, Facebook, and listen free and live on the foxnewsradio app FNC’s political analyst, Juan Williams, conceded that Michael Brown was being rude and thuggish but believes a well-trained police officer knows how to diffuse a violent situation properly. Juan told Gibson that Wilson was in his squad car and should have driven […]

Tom Sullivan

Thanks For The Nothing!! White House Dumps Over 3,000 New Regulations Right Before The Holiday! — Top Of The Stack 11.26.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK …   1) White House quietly releases plan for 3,415 NEW regulations–just before Thanksgiving! HERE THEY ARE! FDA will soon force restaurants, movie theaters, bars and others to post calorie information on menus NEW YORK TIMES: Obama’s new emission rules coming too! 2) Officer Darren Wilson speaks […]
Justice Served? #FergusonDecision Leads To Violence — Top Of The Stack 11.25.14Here Are SOME Of The Stories In Today’s STACK … 1) Riots break out as Ferguson grand jury decides not to indict police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown President Obama asks for calm in Ferguson … it didn’t work. The evidence was released by the prosecutor. WSJ: When cops and cannot use force. […]
(VIDEO) Sacramento Sheriff Defends Slamming President Obama Over #ImmigrationWeeks after two of his officers were killed by an illegal alien, Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones took to YOUTUBE to send a message to Obama on the issue of immigration and the White House’s weak enforcement policies. Check out the video below: Since it was posted, the video went viral–attracting millions of views. However, not all […]

Alan Colmes

Spend Thanksgiving With Miss America and Dog The Bounty Hunter – Alan Colmes 11.27On Thanksgiving, “The Alan Colmes Show” has some of the best interviews from this year! Guests include Darryl and Tracy Strawberry,  Damian Echols and Lorri Davis, Serena Dyer, Beth and Duane “Dog” Chapman, former Miss America Kate Shindle, and former “Tonight Show producer Dave Berg Alan Colmes Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Colmes - 11-27-2014 […]
What The Special Olympics Taught Timothy ShriverOn the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Alan spoke with Timothy Shriver, the Chairman of the Special Olympics and author of the new book, Fully Alive: Discovering What Matters Most.  In the book, Shriver talks about what he’s learned from the millions of Special Olympics athletes from around the world. Alan and Shriver discusses why “the r […]
Discovering What Matters Most with Timothy Shriver – Alan Colmes 11.26• Social activist, entrepreneur, and leader of the Special Olympics, Timothy Shriver, explains how working alongside people with intellectual disabilities helped him see a deeper and more meaningful world. • Comedian Margaret Cho explains her decision to go busking for the homeless. Alan Colmes Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Colmes - 11-27-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly […]