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(Audio) Clinton INC Author Daniel Halper: Bill Clinton Doesn’t Want Hillary To Be President; (Video) Elisabeth Hasselbeck On Hanging With Twisted Sister;KILMEADE KONDENSED: 07/25/14 HOUR 1 Fresh off ripping her dress while parting with Twisted Sister on Fox & Friends, Elisabeth Hasselbeck joined Brian in the radio studio. The two talked about how they believe President Obama is mismanaging his time and not paying enough attention to the major issues facing the United States. Elisabeth believes […]
Chris Wallace: NBC not treating David Gregory humanely“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace tells Brian Kilmeade that he believes NBC is being brutal and mean in their handling of the rumor that David Gregory is getting replaced on “Meet the Press”. Kilmeade and Friends Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Kilmeade - 07-25-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
Chris Wallace Tells Why the White House Contacted Him Over His Kerry InterviewChris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, told Brian Kilmeade, on “Kilmeade and Friends”, that he was contacted by the State Department and the White House after his interview with Secretary of State John Kerry to voice their displeasure over airing what they called a “private conversation.” Chris also wondered why none of the other […]

John Gibson

BURGLAR: “DON’T SHOOT ME! i’M PREGNANT!” HOMEOWNER: “I SHOT HER ANYWAY.” IS IT MURDER?by John Gibson @gibsonradio Here’s a tough problem for the District Attorney in Los Angeles. Andrea Miller and Gus Adams (left) were busy burglarizing 80 year old Tom Greer’s home when Greer walked in, catching them in the act. But Miller and Adams had no problem overpowering the elderly Greer. They knocked him to the […]
Obama is a tiny little man in a great big suit, says Lt. Colonel Ralph PetersFox News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters says Putin is winning by default….Peters says our team ” Never showed for the game”…. Like us on Facebook & Follow us on Twitter John Gibson Show Premium PodcastsLatest Show ($1.29)   Gibson - 07-25-2014 - Complete Show    Monthly ($4.95/mo) Yearly ($39.95/yr)
GIBSON OPINION: EXECUTION TURNS UGLY. WAIT…BOTCHED OR SABOTAGED?The media is aflame with the news that the state of Arizona “botched” an execution last night. Joseph R. Wood III was convicted of a double murder twenty three years ago, and has been awaiting his date with the needle ever since. Yesterday was the date, and it didn’t go well. How bad was it? Bad. […]

Tom Sullivan

(AUDIO) Disturbed By The Latest “Botched” Execution? Here’s What That Killer Did …Was the execution of convicted double murderer Joseph Wood “botched”? … And if so, do you care? Last night in Arizona, Joseph Wood was put to death for the 1989 murder of Debra Dietz, and her father, Eugene. However, some witnesses say the execution was “botched” because it took two hours and Wood was seen ‘gasping and struggling to breathe’. Well, no […]
Yet Another “Botched Execution” Firestorm!: But Is There a Non-Cruel Way to Kill a Man? — Top Of The Stack 07.24.14Here are SOME of the stories in today’s STACK … 1) Execution of Arizona double murderer takes two hours: Authorities now looking it to why it was allegedly “botched”. MUST LISTEN: Troubled by this latest “Botched Execution”? Wait until you hear what this killer did … LAST WEEK: Fed Judge determines California’s death penalty is unconstitutional  […]
Safety Precaution Or “Reward To Hamas”?: Would You Get On An Israel-Bound Flight? — Top Of The Stack 07.24.14  Here are SOME Of the stories in today’s STACK …   1) FAA extends ban on flight to Israel for another 24 hours Former New York City Michael Bloomberg flies to Israel despite FAA ban, to show his support! Senator Ted Cruz: Is flight ban an economic boycott of Israel? Airlines continue to avoid Ukraine’s […]

Alan Colmes

“Ask A Mexican” About The Border!Thursday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan welcomed back Gustavo Arellano, who writes the nationally syndicated column,  “Ask A Mexican,” which gives readers the chance to ask any question they’ve always wanted the answer to about Mexican culture. Alan and Gustavo discussed how open borders would change the immigration crisis, and where the children coming […]
Have We Entered The New Cold War?Thursday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Stephen Cohen, Professor of Russian Studies and History Emeritus at NYU to get his perspective on the United States’ response to the Russian/Ukraine conflict. Professor Cohen told Alan that there is no smoking gun in regards to who shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight, and why he […]
Will NFL Punter Chris Kluwe Ever Play Again?Wednesday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan returned from vacation and talked with former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe. Kluwe is looking for the release of the full report of a six-month investigation into his allegations against the Vikings that he was subjected to homophobic remarks and was eventually let go for his support of same-sex […]